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Hello, We are GEIN.
Established 1956 – Sweden.


GEIN-Maskiner was founded in 1956 by Gote Einarson. Today the company is still a family business and is now run by Christian Einarson. The idea of the company is to provide the best used machinery for the pulp and paper industry worldwide. GEIN has clients in every part of the world and has until today delivered more than 150 complete paper machines. Today GEIN employs some 3 persons including sales department we are outsourcing the overhauling and maintenance.



Selection of machine

We have a very wide network and naturally a good database over machines for sale and clients requirements, with this market knowledge we have a good tool to locate the right machine or the right client.


Bridge between seller and buyer

In any large capital investment the personal touch is always required, this is where we can help a great deal. Due to the many repeat contacts from previous dealings the seller will find trust in working with us, and the buyer would have to same long-time relationship with our company.


Negotiation and contract drafting

Ones the right machine have been located, the final price will have to be negotiated and draft contracts drawn up. This is where we have great experience of different types of set up for terms of payments as well as terms of delivery.



We work with different teams for dismantling, depending on location of the machine and the amount of work involved we can take some different offers to be reviewed.

Match marking, mechanical and electrical dismantling


Export Packing

The overseas export packaging is a work carried out by the dismantling team, proper seaworthy protection, lashing and securing in container as per standard export practice.

Most of the machinery we sell will be exported out of Europe and loaded in container for safe and sound transport.



We work with different shipping agents that have a great understanding for the special requirements of our clients. They will help us to select the best alternatives for shipping and local transport.

There are a lot of considerations in respects to lowering the shipping cost.

“At GEIN we strive to give our clients the best used machinery in the world.”

Christian Einarson
C.E.O & Founder

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